Honey, Where Do You Work?

Yesterday at the playground, another mom asked me the typical "So, where does your husband work?" I answered, "TRAC." "What's that?" Errr, well, um, T...T stands for...

Yeah, what the heck is it?

I realized that my husband and I haven't had The Talk since we arrived here at our new duty station a few weeks ago. You know, the talk where I go, "OK, when people ask me where you work or what you do, what am I supposed to answer?"

My husband has been in four different branches of the Army so far. Finance was probably the easiest answer; everyone knows what that is no matter where you are. Armor was pretty easy too; I just answered the unit name and everyone on our teeny-tiny post knew what it was. But the past couple jobs have gotten progressively more complicated to explain to other spouses. Too complex for a one-word answer like "Tanks," at least. The recent jobs haven't had active FRGs or much unit camaraderie either, so I haven't felt a part of my husband's military life so much lately. His previous job lasted over a year and I never met one single person he worked with. I wasn't even allowed in the building because I didn't have the right security clearance.

I've been busy this move, picking up the pieces after a PCS with multiple things gone wrong and chasing after our toddler. I haven't found time yet to learn the post, learn the units here or what people do, or heck, even learn what it is my husband does now.

I guess we need to have The Talk when he gets home tonight so I can have a more suitable answer the next time we're at the park.

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