Finding "Favorites" When We PCS


This is probably on the shallower side of life but I bet I’m not alone.

You’re living somewhere and have your favorites at your fingertips.  Favorite hair salon, restaurant, specialty stores and more.

Then comes the shake up (PCS), settling in, and limping along as you start the hunt all again.

My priority list starts with a salon. I turn into the crime dog and sniff all potential candidates out. I will stop people with hairstyles that I like and ask where they go for services. Pretty tenacious until I’m satisfied. Then I beg the new stylist not to move or go out of business.

Next up is finding my favorite foods. Since our tastes run regional in availability and preparation, I learned to turn to the internet. You can get items from spirits to crabs to Turduckens with a few key strokes in the lower 48! If I can’t get it where I am, that’s my back up source, also known as pacifier.

The rest seems to fall in place from there. Finding your favorites is one way to get you out of the house and driving around the new place.

You do have to keep at it. It took my new neighbor to introduce me to my now favorite grocery store and I’ve been here over a year!

Do you have ‘must find’ comfort items and places post-PCS?

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