Extreme Makeover Wants MilFams


Host Ty Pennington and the awesome people over at Extreme Makeover: Home Edition are once again looking for a military family or veteran for a well deserved home rennovation.

This isn't the first time they've done this. This year's season premier, which will air Sept. 25, details a home rennovation they did for a Navy veteran who runs a shelter for homeless female veterans and their children. Several local military units, including an Air Force wing, assisted in the work. Early this year they also rennovated the home of a deployed Marine. 

This isn't the first time they've asked for military applicants, either. Earlier this year they were specifically looking for a Coast Guard family.

According to this DoD post, military applicants are so important to the show that the producers have provided a special email address for the submissions. Here are the application details:

Rather than apply through the normal channels, interested military families or people who wish to nominate a military family can email a short description of the family’s story directly to Jackie Topacio, casting producer, at jax@emhe.tv. Jackie told me she wants to make sure she personally reads every story submitted.

Please don’t wait to apply; the deadline for nominations is Sept. 29.

The email should include the names and ages of household members, a description of the family’s challenges, an explanation of why the family is deserving of a makeover or is a positive role model in the community, photos of the family and their home, and contact numbers.

You can read the rest of that DoD post here or go here for even more details on applying or nominating someone for the show. Show Full Article

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