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Do I need one more thing to add to the fun (fiasco) of settling in after moving?  Apparently so.

Enter stage left: early dismissal days for elementary schools.  Each place we live has not only a different day of the week for "early day," but also a different time for sending our bundles of joy home to us.  In Massachusetts it was on Wednesday and at noon.  Alabama was Thursday at 1:40.  Florida didn't see the need for such nonsense.  And with this move it is Monday at 1:30.  Monday is a day I forget to do anything, let alone pick up my kiddos.  I am usually recovering from the weekend filled with family activities and non-stop cooking.  Monday is my weekend and now it is early day.


Three years ago I was feeling pretty mom-on-the-spot; I was out hunting down items my 3rd grader needed for a costume to represent his favorite book character, all while keeping an eye on my watch for when school gets out.  I still had 90 minutes.  And then I got the phone call from my husband:

J:  Hey. Where are you?

H: Out trying to find a bull's horn for a costume (no joke...I was truly hunting down a bull's horn). I found the blank orange shirt and finally found plain black iron-on letters.

J:  Well I just got a phone call from our neighbor.  Apparently our boys are yelling "MOM" and running through the house frantically searching for you.  Why is this happening?

H:  Ahhhh crappola.  I forgot it is early day.  Are you busy?

J:  Yep. About to teach class.

H: Okay.  Please tell our neighbor I will be home in 15 minutes.

And since it was that kind of day, when I pulled up to the gate to enter base, I wasn't all that surprised to find I forgot my ID in the same pocket I left my memory of early dismissal.  Since we were new to base, I had yet to enter anyone's number into my phone so I begged the visitor center dudes into looking us up to verify our address and gave them every ID and proof of residence I had with me.

Once I was home, I did the walk of shame over to my neighbor's house to apologize and also thank her.  Once I was done explaining the whole scenario, she followed up with a story of her own.  There was a time she forgot about early dismissal and also her ID, except they were stationed in Hawaii at the time, her husband was TDY, and she was on a whole other island when she received the phone call from the school.  We were fast friends after that admission. And I immediately entered her number into my phone.

What is your early dismissal story???

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