Clue #246 Your Child Is A Military Brat


There are tons of things that military kids have in common:  they usually move a lot, they understand about uniforms (even if one of my children does call them "costumes,") and they are usually pretty flexible about things like when you have Christmas, and if a parent can't make it to an event, and that sometimes the only good way to talk to Dad is via email.

They also have a unique perspective on life.  My oldest daughter won an amazing Navy-sponsored camp scholarship this summer and had the opportunity to travel across the country and go to a super summer camp that I would have never considered without the scholarship.  My next-oldest daughter was lamenting that due to her August birthday, she wouldn't be eligible to apply to the program for two more years.  By then, she astutely noted, "The budget will have run out of money for that program!"

Ah, how soon they learn.

What is the funniest observation your child has ever made about military life?

photo by:  vancouverfilmschool

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