Base Security Increased


DoD officials yesterday confirmed that bases across the U.S. have raised their security level as the 9/11 anniversary approaches. So what does that mean for spouses?

This story is rather sparse on the details, but it’s safe to say that any heightened measures you’ve noticed on your base are a result of this ramp-up. We don’t want to tread upon OPSEC (operational security) here by revealing any hidden security measures. But I think it’s safe to say that it’s no secret that this, at the very least, means an increase in security at base gates. That’s never a bad thing.

It does, however, make getting onto post take longer. At my post’s gate yesterday, for example, getting on took about 10 extra (unplanned for – groan) minutes as security guards randomly searched vehicles. This is an Army post that still requires DoD decals and visitor passes (even the commissary on a normal security day makes every single person show an ID on the way in AND requires visitors to wear a bright green “visitor” sticker. Overreact, much?), but I wonder if those bases, such as Fort Benning, that do not require decals or visitor passes are requiring extra identification at the gate?

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