Are You Ready for "The Military Wives of San Diego?"


I don't think I am, but it doesn't much matter what I think. Looks like we're going to have a reality show featuring military wives soon. The search for the cast of "The Military Wives of San Diego" is on. From the casting release:

LOS ANGELES, CA (September 28, 2011) – Doron Ofir Casting, the epic star making company behind Jersey Shore, Millionaire Matchmaker, and The A-List officially confirms and announces the search for the most fascinating Military Wives of San Diego!

Military Wives will prove once and for all that behind every man stands a great woman, none more so than the man in service to his country. Their wives are the unsung heroes that are also making sacrifices, spending their nights together, holding down the fort on home soil. This brand new DocuSeries offers the unprecedented opportunity to document their lifestyle as they navigate the complicated journey of being in a relationship with or married to the military. From deployments to homecomings, enlisted men to officers, the newly engaged to recently divorced, Military Wives aims to reveal the true story behind love and life in the military.

“It’s about time we lay witness to the lifestyles of American women whose perspectives are unique due to the circumstances of falling in love with men whose top priority is to serve their country” Doron Ofir – Executive Casting Director.

If your life as a military wife is worthy of being shared with millions, Doron Ofir Casting wants to hear from you! Those applicants over 21 who want to share every aspect of their challenging and rewarding lives as military wives should apply online on the digital application: www.militarywivescasting.com

Interviews will be held with selected candidates in the San Diego area..

Call me a skeptic, but I highly doubt that showcasing the strength and resiliency of military wives week after week will win the day here. I'm worried they'll purposely seek out a cast of drama queens and viewers will begin to look at all military wives in that light. I hope I'm proven wrong.

This could be a tricky proposition. On the one hand, it's a brilliant idea. Marry the popularity of reality television with the vast public interest in the lives of military families (read: Army Wives, Coming Home and Surprise Homecoming). But on the other hand, if the show is over-the-top in the drama department, it could come across as being disrespectful to military families in a time of war, and backfire. If you've never seen military wives rise up en masse, just ask the folks behind the MyCAA debacle how well that played out. We'll see what happens here.

Would you ever apply to be on a reality show featuring military wives?

What do you expect will happen - train wreck, or a cast and show you can live with?


Seasoned-Air-Force-Spouse and I were working on a post about this show at exactly the same time last night, so I decided to add her thoughts here. She makes a great point with her last sentence:

It’s finally happened! With the final season of ‘Army Wives’ about to start filming and the popularity of the homecoming shows, you knew this was next.

San Diego military spouses, you are wanted if you dare. You can sign up online at Doron Ofir Casting: http://www.doronofircasting.com/casting/now-casting-military-wives-san-diego for your shot at... what, I’m not quite sure.

This casting company has helped bring the following shows and many more to television: ‘Tool Academy’ ‘Jersey Shore’ ‘Wedding Wars’ ‘RuPaul’s Drag U’ ‘Million Dollar Listing’

(source: IMDb)

They are looking for:

“...a group of extraordinary women who share the joys and burdens that come along with choosing a relationship with the enlisted. Whether you're up all night worrying orout all night partying, we want to hear your stories. We're looking for six brazen stars for our long form docu-soap about your lives on and off the base.”
The boldings are mine. Key words to the wise if you will.

The end result is probably in the hands of the producers and there is a story that they will want to tell. Participants will likely have zero control over this and in reality television, editing and producer influence is king.

How do I know? I’ve had producers influence me for two days in a row for a ‘talking heads’ show.

Twitter is buzzing with the opinions of military spouses.  Words like “not a good idea” and “this won’t end well.” Interestingly enough, I was just wondering what was going to fill the ‘Army Wives’ gap.

Let’s be clear, this is not a documentary. This is a call for the ‘brazen’ who ‘chose’ the hardships of this life.  They will be encouraged to justify it on camera through situations that may include being ‘out all night partying’ and they should probably have ‘stars’ in their eyes.

I am questioning their desire for enlisted wives and partying all night in the same description. Stereotyping already?

It’s a free country and if this is up your alley, much luck to you and please tread carefully.

The perception of all of us is depending on it.

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