What's Your Splurge?


I was reading my USAA Magazine and came across a page which listed five things worth the splurge. Their list focused on areas where it's wise to spend more upfront because it could save you in the long run, but it made me think about my personal splurges. I'm not someone who thinks of splurges in the context of paying $150 for a coveted pair of shoes, or who buys a $75 bottle of wine just for the sake of splurging. I don't want to feel guilty after a splurge because guilt would erode all the benefits of a splurge. I also don't consider paying more for a good mattress a "splurge." As USAA reminded us, that's just being smart with your money (and well-being).

As I examined my splurge habits, they seem to revolve around times when I'm separated from my husband or, ironically, times when I'm with my husband. Over the years, my definition of a splurge has come to mean some sort of indulgence best shared with someone. I like having a lasting memory associated with a splurge. I love a day at the spa, but on the (very) rare occasion that happens, it's generally because someone gave me a spa certificate as a gift. Oh, don't get me wrong. Nothing beats a massage and a facial, but I would call that a gift and not a personal splurge.

What does splurge mean to you? What do you splurge on, and do you find yourself splurging more when your spouse is deployed or away for long periods of time?

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