The White Coat

There's something about a doctor's white coat that makes you OK with him seeing you naked.

I mean, doctors are just people. Sometimes ladies even know their doctors socially, or see them at PTA meetings or out in the community. But once they put that white coat on, it's all business. And so we take our clothes off for them.

I think Army doctors need to wear white coats.

Last week I needed an ultrasound, and the midwife came in with an Army captain. She explained that he was a new doctor and was training in ultrasounds, so he would be learning from my appointment. She would do the ultrasound and then he would re-do it to get some practice.

Now I am the perfect person to be comfortable with extra people in my appointment. I am a pro at early ultrasounds. I've had five miscarriages and have been a patient at the fertility clinic for the past three and a half years. I have had all sorts of people all up in my business for a long time, and I'm pretty used to it. Another miscarriage isn't as traumatic for me, so if this doctor could learn something from my innards, then I am the right person for the job. I'd much rather he be in my exam than practicing his ovary identification on the woman who just had her first miscarriage and is emotional and upset.

That being said, he needs a white coat.

There is something just a bit unnerving about a man in ACUs performing your vaginal ultrasound. He just looks like...some guy in the PX. Someone from your husband's unit. Just some dude. Some random captain they pulled off the street and brought into your appointment to dig around in your uterus.

I know he's a doctor. I know he's medically trained. But the white coat helps. It somehow makes them seem more legit than just...the same uniform my husband puts on in the morning.

CIF needs to issue white coats to the 60 series and make them a required part of the duty uniform...and then I will get naked as expected.

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