More Navy Families Must Check-In


After the drama of Hurricane Irene last week the Navy asked families in affected areas to log into their accountability system here.

Yesterday the Navy added families in Vermont, New Hampshire and a few extra New York counties to the list of those required to log-on to that site. They are doing this, they said, to keep tabs on where everyone is and the needs of those Navy families hit by the storm. The order requires reservists in those areas to check in as well. SpouseBuzz contributor John, who was in Japan during the earthquake there, told us the system is quick and simple to use.

If you don’t have an internet connection (in which case we wonder how you’re reading this!) you can check-in by phone at (877) 414-5358.

To see a full list of areas impacted by the order go here.

We hope everyone is recovering well from this storm and are keeping the people affected by flooding in our thoughts and prayers.

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