Clearing up the License Issue With DoD

The Defense Department is once again looking for clarification from MilSpouses on your concerns surrounding the spouse professional licensing issue.  They’ve identified four top problems and they want you to add your two cents to the conversation over at their Facebook page.

Here are the top issues and questions they’ve identified:

•Time lost relicensing in a state: You told us that you do not have enough time to find employment at your new duty station because of lengthy licensure requirements. Will endorsement and temporary licensure help address this issue?

•Time and effort required in retesting in a state: You told us that it was expensive and took a great deal of time and effort to retest in a state to obtain a license. Will endorsement eliminate most testing requirements?

•Multiple licenses: You told us that you have to maintain licenses in many states in the event that you have to return to one of those states. Will endorsement eliminate the need to have more than one current license?

•Limitations in obtaining an endorsement because of “recent experience” requirements: Some states have also provided opportunities for you to show you have current competency through continuing education credits instead of two years' experience in the past five. Will this help you qualify for an endorsement to your current out-of-state license?

There are a lot of facets of this issue that we've discussed before that did not make the above list. One of them  is the major lack of information at the state level about the rules. One of you said that when you asked about the license transfer rule in a state that claimed to have it, no one knew what you were talking about. Someone else complained that another state with the rule had zero information or instructions for it on their website.

This is an important issue on which your input can make a big difference. Head over to DoD’s Military Community and Family Policy Facebook page and leave your comment. Feel free to also join the discussion in our comment section below.

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