Identity Crisis Number 4,552


Anytime there are major changes in my life; I have a child, we PCS or there's a change in my husband's Military status, I go through this identity crisis thingy. Trying to figure out where I fit, what I am going to do. Will I work, will I stay home, will I try to make friends or will I retreat into my turtle shell? For me, this time is no different. Recently my family and I were blessed with the greatest gift anyone could ever dream of. A home, a mortgage free home, courtesy of Military Warrior Support Foundation. I cannot be more grateful for this gift. But of course, this means another move. Which for me, means identity crisis number 4,552.

Each crisis bears its own unique characteristics, and this one is my biggest yet. Being that we are moving into our “forever” home as my five-year old calls it, I have to make sure I get it all right this time. The hardest part for me is knowing where we as a family fit. We are not Military anymore, yet we aren’t totally civilian either. We are sort of like half-and-half.  Some days I want to be around others who get it, and some days I just want to be as “normal” as possible. I want for people to know about this amazing gift we have been given, and I want my family to be proud of the things that my husband did and the sacrifices he and so many others have made.

I have been blessed with the ability to make connections with others and help them not feel alone in this journey, but sometimes I wonder if that is the right thing for me and our family. If it is time for me to step back and allow someone else to take the reins, or if I should continue down this path. There are days that we don’t want anyone to know about my husband’s injuries, we don’t want to give anyone a chance to judge before they get to know the incredible man that he is. Then there are days like today when my inbox is pouring with supportive emails and thank you letters thanking me for sharing our story, and being so supportive of our Wounded Warriors and their families.

This is when I know that I am part of something so much bigger, and that I need to put all trivial things aside and just continue to tell our story and reach out. Even when it is hard. Because it is in our hardest moments that great things happen. Crisis averted! I think I’ll embrace it and enjoy the best of both worlds.

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