GPS Made Me Weak

My father was in the Army and back in the late 1970’s, he was posted to Germany.  I can remember our tank-like Cougar maneuvering through small Bavarian mountain villages, barreling down the autobahn, climbing the Swiss Alps and exploring Italian towns.

About 15 years ago, I spent a summer working in Germany.  I rented a car one weekend and drove through Bavaria and up to Berlin.  Despite getting lost a time or two in Berlin, I did pretty well and managed to see the things I wanted to.

Just six years ago, we moved to South Korea where I managed to drive through a good portion of the country with only a map, vague directionsand occasionally a person who spoke Korean with me.

Now we’re living in Germany.  And, apparently, I’ve gone soft.  We brought our GPS with us.  And there is literally only one route where I don’t use it. Seriously, people.  I’ve become utterly dependent on that small electronic box on my windshield.  I can’t remember how I managed in Korea.  I certainly can’t imagine how my parents got around Europe in the last century (yes, I went there before one of you did!).

Am I the only one GPS-dependent, at least OCONUS?

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