Decisions, Decisions and Indecision


In a couple of years, it will be magic finish line time. Retirement. We had a plan to stay beyond 20 years, but I may be chickening out. Could be the heat, bad news, and stress working on me in concert. I’m starting to envision more freedom and flexibility in our lives. Riding off to new adventures in Any City, USA. I’d take a business trip over a deployment in a heartbeat!

The other big decision is where to live? I have no ‘hometown’ and my husband's hometown is not a thriving area. We want to be where the next career is possible. Our list of wants contain three things: close to water, mild temperatures and within an hour of a major airport. We can pretty much head east or west to find those things.  This will be a process of elimination. The bright side is that we know where we don’t want to go.

I really have to hand it to those people who know exactly where they want to live after separation or retirement.  Or those who already belong to the ’20 and done’ crowd.

I’m probably just making a mental escape plan, but we’re going to have to cross the finish line at some point.

Have you thought about retirement and where you'll put down permanent roots? Are we alone in this decision-indecision?

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