Daydreaming About Future Homes


Every few years, I go through a beloved ritual.  It is called "overthink everything the man says about where we might live next."  You know, and I know, that this is pointless.  We're going to end up going wherever it is that the Navy says that we are going to end up going.  But that doesn't stop me from wasting hours considering all the options, looking at housing, checking out the schools, etc.

In one extreme example, he casually mentioned a job at an exotic location that few people ever get to live.  Within 24 hours, I had found a school for the kids, checked out the housing allowance, and figured out how much I was sure that I would love everything about it.  You can imagine, of course, that there were more productive things that I could have done with that time.

Despite knowing how silly it is, I just can't help myself.  Thinking about where we could live is a lot more fun that, say, doing dishes or folding laundry.

Do you daydream about future duty stations?  Where have you dreamed of living?  Have you ever made it to the places about which you've dreamed?

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