Apology in a Fishbowl


The fishbowl called a post or base can mean a few things when it comes to social interactions. You either see the same folks quite often, you see them once and never again, or you could end up together again a few PCS moves later.

When people collide in passing with a negative experience in their daily base life, it can be impossible to make it right. This happened to me awhile ago.

It could have been avoided with a simple head turn, watch check, or an eye focused elsewhere. It happened so fast. A few words were exchanged by both parties and I can’t believe I’m still thinking about it like it was some major incident. It was just out of character on my part, and I suppose that accounts for wishing I could go back in time to turn my head instead. We weren't neighbors. Just two ships that passed over produce.

Misunderstandings and frustrations occur as we try to make life happen, or life happens to us.  If I could rub the mighty base fishbowl, I’d want to see that person again and apologize for my part. That person we scurry past in overt frustration at the store can be our next door neighbor a year later. Who wants to start an introduction with such an unpleasant first impression?

This world we live in is small. The military life is like a family full of extended cousins, for better or worse.  I’ll take it as a learning experience that some things are much better left unsaid.

Have you ever had to rectify a situation or turn around a bad first impression with someone you thought you'd never see again?

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