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After a spate of freak car accidents in our area, I was prompted to wonder what my kids would do if something happened to me. Would they know who to call to come to them?

My husband and I are sticklers for having our Will, our Living Will, Power of Attorney, and DD 1172’s done prior to him leaving. He also makes a list of numbers of the people he trusts to help his family and leaves it with me. That’s our common routine. It ends there.

Let’s be realistic, though.  Danger can happen at home as well.  During the 9-11 aftermath, my husband was more concerned about us living in the DC area than he was for himself in his Middle Eastern location.

Things happen.

For my own piece of mind, I sat down and made a list for my oldest. Grandparents numbers, some from the trusted list my husband made, my husband’s squadron contacts here and “there,” my best friend. I even wrote down the make, model, and year of my vehicle.

When I posted this list without fanfare, it freaked my teen son out. I explained to him that it was better to have this information than not have it and need it.  I said he may never have to use it, but we emphasize staying informed in our household. He agreed and understood.

I haven’t asked my friends if they have a list like this in their homes, or if they handed one to a trusted friend or neighbor.  It was just something I thought about, put together, and got on with our happy and busy life.

I forgot about this list until yesterday when a car nearly pulled into my lane. It's important to be prepared.

Is there anything extra you do during deployment in the event family would need to be contacted about you?

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