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During the first five minutes of me-time I’ve had in several weeks I sat down with my most recent copy of Real Simple, only to stumble upon an ad for a feature on their website called “Moving Made Easy.”

As we are all aware, moving is NOT easy, nor will a nice web feature (or a nonchalant husband) make it so. But I checked out the site anyway.

The reason I love Real Simple is that it makes me feel calm and also extremely organized – even though I am most definitely not. And unlike, say, Martha Stewart Living which makes me laugh out loud at their “practical” advice (clever uses for cheese cloth: add texture to goat cheese. Seriously?), I actually feel like I learned something.

True to form, this little moving advice site is actually kind of helpful (although I wouldn’t say it makes moving “easy”). Those of us who are plum crazy moving ourselves will likely find more of it helpful than the partial-DITY or full move lovers.

Check out the full site here. Or just look into these gems that I’ll be using for our move in a few weeks and when we unpack:

Home Inventory Checklist

How to Replace Practically Anything

Unique Moving Announcements (if your non-military friends aren’t straight sick of getting these from you).

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