He Says, She Says

Over the weekend, a friend of mine copied me in on an email discussion. Her husband, a service member, was also on the email chain. His response to the subject being discussed was, "totally unsat." I laughed. "Unsat" is such a military term. Although I do speak militarese after so many years of being subjected to it, there are times when I choose the civilian alternative.

For example:

I say, "Unacceptable." He says, "Unsat."

I say, "Give it all you've got." He says, "Fire for effect."

I say, "Dig deep." He says, "Knock down the target."

I say, "Let's go." He says, "Move out."

I say, "Hey, buddy!" He says, "Hey, troop!"

I have my own military translation machine in the form of a soldier-husband! Share your "He Says, She Says" stories with us.

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