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A fellow mom and milspouse had a facebook status update not too long ago about her little boy having a hard time with her husband being home from their family's latest deployment, but working l.o.n.g. hours.  Lots of days Dad is gone before her son wakes up and comes home with hardly any time before their boy is getting tucked into bed.  I think many of us with kids can relate to this.

It reminded me of a post I've been meaning to write.  Hopefully many families are already taking advantage of these opportunities, but in case word hasn't made its way to you, maybe you'll see something you (or your spouse) want to take the kids to in the coming months!

Each month both Lowes and Home Depot offer free projects for kids to do with their family in most of their locations.  Each is run a bit differently, so make sure you read their sites and follow the guidelines.  Lowes Build & Grow Clinics are held twice a month.  Home Depot's Kid Workshops are held the first Saturday of each month.  You can check their sites to see what is coming up and pencil/type it into your calendar.

Whether it is deployments, tdys, busy work schedules, limited custody time, or general life - many kids end up craving some focused time with dad (or mom).  This is a great way to get together and enjoy yourselves.  They have age suggestions, but I wouldn't be afraid to take your younger kids too.   My husband has taken one kid by themselves, our two oldest or we've gone as a family.  I've taken them while he was deployed as well.

With a pcs coming up - bringing a bunch of doodads and tchotches into our house isn't the best idea.  Having a three year old boy we know if it drives, flies or otherwise vrooms or zooms we are keeping it in house, but some of the projects make great gifts for grandparents, etc.  This February, my husband had his daughter write a message to grandma on a heart shelf she made, he traced over her handwriting with his dremel and then they stained and shellacked it.  Don't ask me if I've mailed it yet, but it is an awesome gift idea, no?

If making it into the store on a Saturday morning isn't that appealing, they do sell some of their kits in their stores.  And if online shopping is your preference, both Lowes & Home Depot each have some of the kits available online.

Thank you to both companies for providing a great opportunity for families!

Any other cheap/free go-to resources for getting the younger kids to have something special to do with their busy mom or dad?

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