Reports of Military Family Violence on Rise


A new report shows the rate of spouse abuse in the military is on the rise.

From this story:

In fiscal year 2010, the rate of confirmed spouse abuse was 11.2 per one-thousand couples, up from 10.1 per thousand in 2009 and 9.4 per thousand in 2008. Prior to 2008, the rate had been steadily declining from 16.5 per thousand in fiscal year 2001.
Officials don’t know if it’s the actual amount of abuse or the number of people reporting it that has increased. We hope, of course, that if it has to be one of those options it is the second.

The number of substantiated child mistreatments  is also on the rise, the story said. Again, this could just be the numbers being reported went up –not the actual abuse out there.

One expert in the story suggested this was because of a successful public awareness campaign and spouses being willing to get help rather than cover the abuser.

So we ask you – have you noticed an increase in awareness surrounding this issue?

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