Did You Just Try to Pronounce an Acronym?


My husband has a board today and I've been helping him study for a couple weeks now.  It's been (less than) really fun for me.  He has a study guide and I ask him questions.  There are rate (mos) related questions, command specific questions and general Navy questions.  Most things are pretty boring.

Anyway, the Navy likes acronyms.  Lots and lots of acronyms.  I am pretty positive that is very much a "purple" thing. So a lot of my questions involved asking about acronym this and acronym that.  Some I have heard before and knew whether to say the acronym as a word or whether to just spell out the letters, but if I wasn't sure I'd spell out the letters.

Last night I got to one which was all consonants and I just spelled out the letters.  "Oh, you mean ___ weird noise pretending to be a word ___"

Of course that is what I meant.  Silly me for not saying it like that!

Not twenty minutes later, I am spelling out another acronym that actually had vowels in it so I was unsurprised when he said it as a word while giving his answer.  The next question was asking about a related acronym that had the same vowels but a different consonant.  So I said it as a word.

And this, my friends, is when he asks me in a sincere incredulous WTF voice:

"Did you just try to pronounce an acronym?"

It is about the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my whole entire life.

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