A PCS Intervention Letter to Myself


Dear Me,

You know how I feel about you.  You have come light years from the young woman who, by accident, called the commissary the commiserary.  I've watched you grow and develop into a military spouse who knows when to say "Sir" and when to treat superiors like peers. Bravo. But I think we need an intervention with ourself.

I understand your train of thought when you sent hubby ahead of the clan to set up shop. True, there was a bit of selfishness on your part in this decision; you know he is a bear during the first two weeks of a new job and so you avoid the attitude that he brings home each night as a housewarming gift. Also, giving him the "manly" job of closing on the house and preparing it for the FIRST TIME EVER DOOR TO DOOR MOVE makes him feel like he is providing for his family.  In fact, if he could club a saber tooth tiger and present it to us, I don't think he would be any prouder. And a proud providing man is a happy man.

I also understand why you convinced him to go, because it did take convincing.  Since this is not our first rodeo, you know how we get prior to the packers arriving.  You are a beast.  And if hubby is not around, you can't blame him for the whole dealio.  You just deal with the situation instead of dealing out passive-aggressiveness.  Hubby wisely agreed with our logic, and began loading the car to get out of Dodge.

But seriously, who are you kidding?  Are you trying to test yourself?  Packers, moving truck, cleaning the house, and then driving the two boys, two dogs, with a trailer, 12 hours?  And indoor camping since TLF is full?  And how many more conversations can you have with hubby about the difference between two seemingly exact shades of neutral carpet?

I hate us just a bit right now.  So don't look in the mirror.

You need help.  So when friends offer assistance, because you know they will, TAKE IT.  Take it and run.  Don't worry about them getting sick of you or the boys...you are moving, so let them get their fill of our brand of craziness.  Take the help cleaning. Take the help loading the trailer.  Take the offer of a stick of gum...whatever. Just put aside the independent streak you have and accept help.

Please.  Do it for us.  And then don't ever try to do this again.  Unless you have to, which we all know is a possibility.

Love you,


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