2,700 Miles for a Haircut

Today I’m flying to Washington State to get a haircut. I told my friends there I'm coming to visit them … but the real reason is that my ‘do is starting to resemble that of a yeti and I need an intervention - pronto.

When the Army moved us all the way across the blessed country I thought, surely, I would be able to find one the hundreds of thousands licensed cosmologists in the world with the correct skill set to help a sister out. My first attempt at a sub was an absolute disaster. And I’m confident the second one would’ve worked fine if she hadn’t been starting from page one with my poor butchered locks.

Obviously, my only choice was the go back to the original designer. Obviously.

When I booked my tickets a few months ago for our trip to Washington I thought “it will be lovely to see friends… but it will be MORE lovely to get a haircut.” I bought the tickets and emailed the hairdresser. I’m sure that’s the first time I’ve ever booked a haircut three months out.

When you go plan to visit friends, but are really flying 2,700 miles to get a haircut, sneakiness is required. “Hello,” I said to the people we’re staying with. “We’re coming to visit YOU! We love you!” I waited until the next day to call back and say “Oh I thought, you know, while I’m there, I might as well go get a haircut. Can I borrow your car?”

You see how it is.

I also know that I’m not the only one who has done this. There are just things in life that you find, like and don’t want to leave behind. I’ve lucked out so far with dentists – but I know that there is no way in the world I’m ever going to find someone to cut my hair just like Anna can. Do you think it’s over the top to ask her to take some photos of how she’s doing it as she goes along? Because I am not beyond putting them in a photo book and taking them to the next hairdresser I subject myself to at yet another new duty station.

By the way, if you need a recommendation for a hairdresser in the Fort Lewis area, let me know.

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