Who Do I Want To Be This Year?


One of the things that I love about moving regularly is the opportunity to reinvent myself.  Obviously, I can't really change my basic nature, and I don't want to, but there are things that I would like to change.  For example, my tendency to volunteer too much.  And my loud, talkative nature.  And who doesn't want to put some parts of their youth behind them?

Fortunately for me, I married a person in the military.  And so, we move.  We might occasionally run into the same people, though not as much as I might hope, and we have returned to the same area a few times, but still - I basically get to start over ever few years.  It is fabulous for me.  And I try to emphasize this as a positive when my kids lament the nomadic nature of our lives.  "But, you won't have to be in the same school as that boy who drives you nuts!"  "No one will remember that time you were really embarrassed!"  "You can be whatever sort of person you want!"

This move, two of my children took me very literally and decided to be called something different.  Instead of being called by their first names, which are long and old-fashioned and clearly feminine, they want to be called by their middle names, which are short, and being family surnames, less girly.  Imagine going from Camellia to Connor and you'll get the idea.  It has been a hard transition for Mom and Dad, and even harder for the rest of our extended family, but we're gradually adjusting.  Never mind that half the world now thinks I have six kids instead of four...

As we imagine our next move, I begin wondering what sort of things I would like to change.  A clean house would be nice, and consistently well-mannered kids, and I'd really like to be thin.

How have you reinvented yourself over the years?

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