What Does the 4th Mean to You?

Someone asked me recently what, exactly, Independence Day means to military families and I did not have an immediate, good answer. There’s no question what Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day mean to me as a military spouse. But July 4th? I had to give that one a little bit more of a think.

And so here it is: To me, July 4 is a time of a pride in my Soldier and all servicemembers for loving American independence so much that they are willing to go out and defend it. Of course, like all of our patriotic holidays, it is also a time to remember those who gladly gave their lives for that freedom.

While others may wave flags and recall those who bravely signed their names on that independence declaration long ago, my heart swells with pride for those who are willing to sign their names today, promising to defend that independent with their lives.

What about you? What does the 4th of July mean to your military family?

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