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Sometimes it seems like there are so many resources out there to point us to mental health help that it’s impossible to choose and easier to just give up. Believe me, I’ve been there.

That being said, it also frequently happens that when we do have a problem we don’t know where to turn. I’d rather have too many good options than not enough.

The Real Warriors Campaign is a DoD funded program aimed at connecting servicemembers and family struggling with mental health problems with peer to peer support as well as clinicians. The difference between this site and many of the others that we’ve seen is it’s user friendly, engagement centered environment. Not only can users find mental health information and connect with support, they can also engage in a message board community with other readers. There is also a section dedicated specifically to family issues.

But, just like with everything else, we don't really know how beneficial it is until someone really checks it out and tries to use it. It may look shiny and awesome at first glance, but outcome be something completely different. If you have any experience with this resource we'd love to hear what you think.

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