I Know Exactly Where That Is!


My mind, it is like a steel trap.  Or maybe a colander, only collecting what it wants to catch.  Or maybe...

The other day, daughter number two "accidentally" broke daughter number four's glasses.  The break was at a spot weld, so there were two basic choices:  weld them back together, or super glue.  I don't have a welding kit handy, so I thought I would try the super glue.  Just one problem.  Where was it?

I looked in the place where I thought it was, and then I looked in the next two places where I thought it might be, and then I just sort of stood in the middle of the house, hands on hips, feeling frustrated.  I know exactly where the super glue lives - in the last house.  In the kitchen, to the right of the sink, in the little drawer underneath the cookbooks, in the bin in between the toothpicks and the double-sided tape.  This, of course, is useless information to me now.  I don't live in that house.  Knowing where to find the super glue in that house is of no value in the hunt for super glue in this house.

Eventually, the super glue turned up, and I was able to try (unsuccessfully) to fix the glasses.  And I put the glue back where I looked in the first place, in hopes that it is the first place I look next time I need it.

Now if only I could figure out where we put the double-sided tape.

photo by:  Wonderdawg777


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