From the Mailbag: Spreading the Love

WB wrote in to ask this question:

My kids and I would like to have a military pen pal. When my nephew was in the service we wrote to him often. He told us that their were many service personal who did not receive letters from home. He shared his letters and care packages with others. He is not longer in the service, but our family enjoyed sending letters and care packages. Are there real service personal we could adopt?
Oh, my yes!  As of right now, Soldier's Angels is listing 1552 service-members as needing "adoption."  To adopt, you go to their website, fill out some personal information to become approved, and then make a commitment to send at least a certain number of letters and cards per month.  For those service-members who may not have family to contribute to the mailbag love, this program has been a wonderful pick-me-up.

Don't just take my word for it, though!  This is what one of the letter recipients had to say:

You just don't know how much we appreciate how much you do for us.  Days like today my head was down, until I got your postcards. A lot of us have families that don't even take the time out to write, whether it's on Facebook or paper. It's a special feeling just to get mail, just to know you're being thought about is a blessing...We love you all and thank you for your appreciation. - Specialist Harris
Soldier's Angels is an amazing organization, and they have enough going on that there is something for everyone who wants to help.

And thank you, WB, for looking for that extra way to show some support to those who are deployed!

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