DoD: More Employers Joining Partnership


DoD will announce Wednesday the names of 15 new companies joining an employment program aimed at linking military spouses with jobs.

The addition will bring the total of “corporate partners” to 79 fortune 500 companies. Previously an Army-only program, under the White House's Joining Forces campaign it has been open to spouses from all services, including the Coast Guard.

Attention for the spouse employment issue is always a good thing, but I’ve got to wonder exactly how this Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP) does anything more than provide job board via the website and great advertising for the participating companies. Job postings are helpful, but they don't make sure a spouse will land the position.

While DoD claims that participating companies that can “create career opportunities for military spouses that move with them” it doesn’t look like spouse hiring preference or even an understanding of the military lifestyle within companies’ human resources departments is a requirement. Check out the joining criteria:

 Types of jobs offered are compatible with data on spouse occupations

 Jobs located at or near military installations

 Good track record with broad diversity efforts

 Satisfactory ranking with the BBB

 Global/Regional Reach

 Size of company (at least 5,000)

The feedback I’ve seen from you indicates that those who have used it or heard of others using it find this program to be, well, pointless. Is there anyone out there that has had a good experience with this employment partnership?

Check out for their information on spouse employment.

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