A Thrill A Minute


Recently, a friend posted her husband's orders on Facebook.  I commented something to the effect of "how exciting" and my husband asked me if I really thought Kansas was exciting.  I replied that orders are always exciting, and it got me thinking.  Is that true?  I think that it is.

Now, we've never been on the receiving end of orders to, say, Fort Polk, so I can't say that I will have the same reaction in every situation.  In general, however, moving is an adventure.  In that sick-to-your-stomach, super-duper roller coaster sort of way.  You know what I mean, right?   The orders come through, and you are either thrilled, or despondent, or terrified, and then there is the steep climb of preparing, followed by the sudden and amazingly rapid drop of packing out, and some ups and downs as you travel, (with some smooth patches along the way), there is usually some screaming, and then after your delivery happens and you spent two or three days in your new home, you cruise into the end of the ride in a straight line, gradually slowing to the stop that means you are settled.  (Until you run around, get back in line, and hop on the next time round.  Ha!)

I know that many of you are somewhere on the PCS-ride right now (including our own Love My Tanker, Sarah, Marine Wife, Jessica Lynn, and Andi).  I hope that it is all the fun and thrills you are hoping, and no bad surprises on the ride.  And share your stories - we love 'em!

photo by: ahisgett

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