Video: Wounded Warrior Spouse Interview


I can think of few people groups I admire more than the spouse-caretakers of wounded warriors. In a society where marriage relationships break down over toothpaste and toilet paper differences, these people stick it out through the most frustrating, hurtful situations. I stand in awe of their dedication under fire.


Pamela Eggleston is one such spouse. When her husband was injured in 2005 doctors thought he would be forever wheel chair bound. Looking at him today, however, you would never know the countless surgeries and struggles that have gone into restoring his ability to walk and navigating his brain injuries. Pam was with him the whole time.

She is now a vocal, staunch advocate for the spouses of wounded warriors and the director of development with Blue Star Families. This woman is a force of nature. We had the honor to chat with her a few weeks ago for today's video about what it’s like to be in her shoes.

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