The Wife of the Guy who Killed bin Laden


Of course, we don't know and may not ever know who killed bin Laden or who his wife (if he's married) is. But we do know the incredible pride the special operations community must be feeling right now for their servicemembers. The families of these guys face frequent deployments, many of them coming with little to no warning. And after all is said and done they likley don't know for sure what their husband was involved in, even if the whole world is talking about the mission's results.

We talked to a few special operations spouses who said the pride they feel in their spouses' accomplishements doesn't need to be legitimized by knowing exactly what  they did. I can testify that that pride extends to the whole military community. While my husband is not any kind of special forces (and if he was -- I wouldn't tell you!) I feel an incredible sense of accomplishment over our involvement in the war on terror.

Check out my story over at Military.com for more on the perspective of these special spouses.

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