Spouses {Heart} the Army Life


Spouses are in love with the Army life more than ever before, according to newly released Army survey results.

Sixty-eight percent of spouses who took the Army’s family life survey said they want their soldiers to stay in the Army until retirement. And 58.7 percent said they are “satisfied,” or “very satisfied” with the Army lifestyle, up two points from last time the survey was run in 2005, according to this story.

But here’s the really interesting survey tidbit: spouses love the Army life more than their Soldiers do. While 68 percent said they wanted to stay Army, only 65 percent reported that their spouse does, too.  

I was one of the about 17,000 spouses that responded to this survey when it was mailed out last spring, and was definitely one of the people that reported that the Army life rocks my socks.

What is it about this crazy mixed-up military world that makes us love it so? Is it the predictability (or predictable unpredictability)? Is it the camaraderie? Is it the feeling that we’re part of something bigger, greater, cooler and more important than ourselves?

Army or not, tell us how you would have answered that question. Are you satisfied or very satisfied with your ____ (insert service) way of life?

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