It's Toast


Our poor daughter has been sick today. Our conversation went like this:

Sarah: I can't remember, what does the T stand for in B.R.A.T.? Husband: What? Sarah: The T. You know, bananas, rice, applesauce...what? What's the T? Husband: (looking at me like I am crazy) I have no idea what you're talking about. Sarah: (exasperated) Didn't you pay any attention to AFN?

I personally loved having AFN commercials when we lived in Germany. We left five years ago and we still often quote some of the commercials to each other. Especially the one where the little boy wanted to pack his video games in the hold baggage, while his father more wisely suggested he pack his school clothes. My husband and I recite that every time we pack to go somewhere.

And who can forget Squeakers the Hamster? Rest his soul...

I loved having AFN and learning things in the commercials, like about the corn palace in South Dakota or about B.R.A.T. (Even though I did have to google that the T was for toast.) And I really love when two mil-families can share a corny inside joke over AFN.

Have a favorite AFN commercial? One that drives you nuts?

Photo attributed to Master Sgt. Chris Seaton, AFN Heidelberg

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