It's Like Bart Simpson Calling Moe's Tavern


Last night, a facebook friend posted something that reminded me of about 100 conversations I have had. The unfortunate name game. The topic seems to come up at parties, or picnics. I mean, I am sure we all know civilians with wacky names, but no one has to salute them or look them sternly in the eye.

My first experience with the unfortunate name game began with a friend, Captain Pickle. Seriously a dear friend, but frankly every single time I introduced him, I would get the did you just say what I thought you said, confused dog look. Captain Pickle conjures up images of a Pickle superhero in a bright red cape, every single time I say it.

We also had a friend whose wife was named Tenille, and when he was promoted to Captain, I had to call them Captain and Tenille all of the time. No one under the age of 35 thought it was funny, but I roared every single time I said it. I am juvenile enough to ONLY introduce them as a couple.

There is also the story related to me by my Husband and his friends, that the poor Chaplain had to introduce a new soldier by the name of Major Harry Beaver. True story, and I guess grown men were crying and snorting, trying not to laugh. Poor Harry, it is an unfortunate name.

Last night on facebook, all the military spouses were sharing outrageous names, and honestly I could not help but laugh.

Then again, I am married to Major Dick...

I know yawl have heard some doozies, feel free to share.

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