Is Money the Only Reason?

Hubby and I have been working the past year trying to make my Mom our dependent. Let me just say that this is not an easy process, to say the least. We are facing a PCS soon and want Mom with us. We are taking care of her during her chemo treatments and because of them she is unable to work. If Mom was not living with us Hubby could take some leave or have a schedule that would work so I could go be with her and help her out, take her to her appointments and other such things.  Our problem is we want Mom here, and Mom wants to be with us.

Since she makes enough money to pay her bills and rent on a really crappy apartment but not much else, the DFAS states that is too much money. Well, we want to make her our dependent so that she can heal and fight cancer in a safe, loving environment without the worries of not having food in the house, being able to buy her medications, and the benefits of having her grandchildren at hand.

What I don't understand is that the DFAS thinks that military families only want a parent as a dependent because of money. What about health or age related problems? Or not having anyone else to take care of the parent or help them live a safe, fruitful life when they can no longer work for whatever reason.

My Kiddos have a chance that most military children do not get, lots of quality time spent with grandparents. How can I change that into a money issue? It is always not about the money.

So, once again we will wade into the mire of paperwork, numbers and prayers that this time DFAS will accept our paperwork and Mom can be with us where we go, at least til the next promotion, or reenlistment.

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