Is it Too Early?


Well, I have not fallen off the face of the earth. Just dug a deep hole and crawled in to process a few things, like a deployment with 6 weeks notice and 6 date changes and as I thought things were getting better, we get a whammy two weeks into said deployment. It is nothing big, just a PCS move to somewhere we had never considered or thought was possible with Hubby's job. It will be wonderful and lovely to have four seasons again and be able to show the Kiddos some more of this great country of ours.

Then, I began to flip out when I thought of all I need to do. I already bought a notebook for all of my crazy lists. I have even listed the rooms and what stays, is donated, or is trashed. Is that bad? Hmm.... anyway, I am also looking at binders that will hold up to much handling to hold all of our important documents. Housing has been called to check wait time in new location, schools looked into for Kiddos and myself, checking out doctors for my Mom and a realization that I will need to go back to work. So a job hunt has begun.

And we are ten months away, unless the Army decides to change its mind. Can I accomplish it all or am I over-planning already. Hmmmmm........

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