2011 Blue Star Museums

I’m starting to see Facebook posts and blog posts about kids getting out of school or parents gearing up for summer activities. I'm totally excited about summer... I'm ready for fun in the sun. Well, since I live in Washington state, I'm ready for the sun, period. It should make an appearance soon... I hope.

When I was younger, summer to me meant about the same as what it means to most kids: fun, a break from school and a time to sleep in. Our family didn’t have much money growing up, in fact we were actually eligible for free lunches at school and were probably considered food-stamp eligible (but our parents refused to do this) but I never knew we were poor.

Our family always did things together but we did things that weren’t very expensive.  I find that it is very similar to the situations of many military families… wanting to do things together but not having a lot of disposable income.

Last year, an initiative called The Blue Star Museums released a list of museums across the country that offer free admission to active duty families from Memorial Day through Labor Day. The initiative is continuing this year and the list has been released! This year, more than 1,000 museums are participating. Check out the list here. It’s a great way for military families to have fun, yet it’s also budget-friendly.

Check out the list for what is available in your area. What are your plans for the summer? Will you visit any of these museums?

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