The LES Drama


As Kate wrote in her post earlier over at Paycheck Chronicles and many of you have noted in comments, weird Leave and Earnings Statements (LESs) for both Active Duty and Reserve/Guard servicemembers started showing up in MyPay earlier today. These statements were dated April 15th, but showed only payment through today. It sounded like they were throwing in the towel and admitting that this government shutdown thing is really going to happen.

As Military.com reported, DFAS at first said that the half pay LES only applied to Guard/Reserve. When confronted with proof that Active Duty servicemembers had also received the strange notice, they backtracked and said they would investigate.

I didn’t need them to look into it -- because I knew two things: we are not Guard or Reserve and we did have a strange LES in our MyPay account.

Now, DFAS has announced via their Facebook page that they are taking these statements down and “anticipate paying both active and reserve members their full pay ...” for the time being.

Sure enough, MyPay is not functioning (or at least I can’t access it -- as you can see from the photo above) while this change is being made.

While I can only speculate what happened here, it looks like DFAS jumped the gun on this one and is now back peddling after media, such as Military.com, started calling them on it.

Kate also hit on this over at Paycheck Chronicles before heading to bed. It's late in her neck of the woods!

As usual, stay tuned for more coverage!

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