Reverting to Bad Behavior as Soon as the Spouse Leaves


My husband has been TDY a lot lately. Before he leaves, I behave like a normal, sane person. But I've noticed that as soon as he walks out the door, I immediately revert to college-student behavior.

Pre-Separation Behavior:

  • Awake at 6:00 feeling rested and ready to conquer the world
  • Work out
  • Shower (shaving legs are part of the showering process)
  • Eat my whole grain english muffin and Activa yogurt for breakfast
  • Begin my work day
  • Eat a pita stuffed with Turkey for lunch at 12:30
  • Continue working
  • Eat a nice, prepared meal around 7:00
  • Finish outstanding work issues and spend some time with my husband
  • Get to sleep reasonably early (usually by 10:00)
Post-Separation Behavior
  • Awake to the sound of an alarm and violently abuse the snooze button
  • Decide that I'll work-out in the afternoon vice the morning
  • Eat Little Debbie Chocolate Chip Squares (yum) with a glass of milk for breakfast
  • Stumble to the computer, grumbling that I should have an hour's worth of work behind me at this point
  • At about 3:00, scrounge around in the freezer for a frozen pizza for lunch
  • Back to the computer (dragging)
  • Notice that it's getting dark and I should probably eat dinner
  • Eat whatever is easiest to make (usually soup) about 8:00
  • Notice that the dishes from breakfast and lunch didn't make it into the dishwasher for some odd reason
  • Crawl into bed about 11:30
  • Realize that I didn't take a shower and wonder how that happened. Realize that I didn't work-out, either.
  • Finally get to sleep about 2:00 a.m. because I flipped channels, read or played on my smart phone for hours
  • Wake up feeling like a concrete block fell on my head during the night
  • Rinse and repeat
Now, I'm an adult. I know that I feel and perform best when I eat well, get plenty of sleep and exercise. I know that taking care of myself is important and the right thing to do. I'm actually a bit anal about my daily routine. Which makes me wonder why I find it all too easy to revert to bad behavior as soon as I wave goodbye to my husband.

Thank goodness he's back. I need some sleep, and I definitely need to shave my legs...

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