Identity Theft


Dear Jerks Who Keep Stealing My Identity,

Maybe you could just go ahead and do my taxes for me next year since you seem to know more about my finances than I do.



I’m not sure what it is about this particular assignment in the UK. We have moved on or near five military installations and traveled to several others with my husband’s career, but this is the only place I have ever had my credit card information stolen. It hasn’t happened once, either. This is the fourth time!

In this particular instance, the charming individual(s) chose to make three separate purchases online at Wal-Mart. In times like this, I’d really like to know what is so valuable to this that they chose to steal our money to get it. I guess I’d like to assume that they were just desperate to buy food for their family or Bibles for their youth group. But I’m betting there’s a group of brilliant jerks out there enjoying a brand new gaming system courtesy of my bank account.

And my husband is furiously screaming, “That could have been MY X-box Kinect!!!”

Have any of you military families had this same problem?

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