DoD Wants Spouse Career Input


The Defense Department is looking for input from Milspouses on what they need or want from the agency’s spouse employment assistance program.

The comment request is linked to an expansion of the Army Spouse Employment Partnership to all services as part of the White House’s “Joining Forces” campaign announced earlier this month.

The program, started by the Army in 2003, works with major corporations across the US to create employment opportunities for spouses, help them transfer during a PCS and foster an understanding within human resource department of spouses’ special needs.

“Business and organizational leaders need to know what you want. What would you tell us as we reach out to these leaders?” Robert Gordon, DoD’s deputy assistant secretary of defense for military community said in a statement. "We want to find the right fit for your career goals with organizations that support those career paths.”

You can leave DoD your thoughts here and see the businesses currently participating in the employment partnership here. If this is an issue about which you are passionate you can also give lawmakers your thoughts here on a bill currently sitting in Congress that would give employers a tax incentive for hiring milspouses.

You can also search for jobs or create your resume over here.

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