Care Package 'Copter?


My father in law likes to shop for Christmas presents for the boys in my life (husband included).  Gadgets and gizmos aplenty.  Apparently he has a small stockpile at their house that my mother in law has vetoed sending up to our house as of yet.  Whether it is small parts or obnoxious noises - I can't be sure.

One thing that did make it's way to our house this year was a remote control helicopter with an onboard video camera.  The Air Hog Hawk Eye.  My husband loves this thing.  It is not getting the most awesome reviews on amazon, but in our house it is pretty well appreciated.  Mark decided to send his dad a dvd with a simple movie he edited of some flights he recorded.  Some relaxing death metal music playing in the background, humorous commentary and a wonderful closing of my mom and I looking in horror (and reacting too slowly) as he flies the thing right at our heads.

I asked my husband if he thought they would be appreciated by those deployed.  He had already decided we would need to get another one to send his old Lt who is making his way to Afghanistan in a short while.  So for those of you with husbands that might be a blend of troublemaker and dork - this may be a good item.

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