15 April Pay Will Look Funny, But It Is OK!


Thanks to the continuing resolution that was made into law on Friday, military folks will see their entire regular pay deposited on Friday, 15 April 2011.  However, the math and the depositing is going to be a little different than usual.  Don't be worried, it is all OK, it is just different.

Because they were not sure whether a budget was going to be passed, and because it takes quite a bit of time to process all those payments, DFAS went ahead and did the calculations for all the pay from 1 April to 8 April.  That is the information that is available on the mid-month net pay advice (for active duty) and the mid-month LES (for reserve and guard.)

Once the continuing resolution was passed, DFAS began calculating the remaining payments for 9 April through 15 April.  Because this is a totally unprecedented situation, it seems that DFAS was unable to go back and adjust the numbers in MyPay.  They can't update the mid-month net pay advice and mid-month LES to reflect the total amount of the deposit that will be going into accounts for the 15 April pay.  The mid-month net pay advice and mid-month LES will continue to show the lower amount, even though the actual payment will be for the full amount.

Here's the second part of the deal:  pay will be received in two deposits.  One deposit will be for 1 April through 8 April, and the other will be for 9 April through 15 April.  So if you see one deposit pending, don't panic yet.  Unless something has gone horribly wrong, the other deposit will be coming on or before 15 April.

All record of pay will be clearly listd on the end-of-month LES, which is usually available between the 23rd and 26th of the month.

photo by Rafael Cavalcante

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