Waiting To Find Out Where Home Will Be...

It was interesting to see Jessica Lynn's first post was about her upcoming OCONUS PCS ("outside the continental United States permanent change of station," or overseas move).  As I read, I found that I was a wee bit jealous.  Oh, not about where they are going (well, only a little) but the simple fact that they KNOW where they are going.

The only thing I know for sure is that we WILL be moving in about 3 months.  We think there are 2 possibilities:  one is OCONUS and one is CONUS.  Let's face it:  those are 2 very different types of moves that require different strategies.

There is a lot of angst on my post/base/whatever your service calls it.   Most of us are moving this summer.  Some know where they are going.  Some don't.  A handful of people even have orders.  The rest of us hate them.  (No, not really!)  At this point, I just want to KNOW where we are going so I can start wrapping my head around it and start laying the groundwork for prepping for the move.

Besides, looking at rental property sites in 2 such different locations is driving me crazy.

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