Video: Interview With a Blogging Queen

When SpouseBUZZ started, our founder Andi likes to say, there was only a handful of military spouse blogs out there.  Ann Marie Detavernier’s Military Spouse Blogging Community and BlogFrog message board are hard evidence that that’s no longer the case.

Her roll of about 700 military spouse bloggers is one of the top go-to places to find other spouses writing online. In our video today she talks about how the community aspects of a blogging community helps her and others cope with military life.


Ann Marie said part of her goal for her blog is to share her the experience of military families with those on the outside. She also wants it to be a place of encouragement in the face of challenges.

“My blog is a positive place of encouragement in the face of all these realities,” she told us in an email. “It is also a place to give us a voice. I think many of us (milfams) are too busy living and copying with this life to stop and write about it.”

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