Thanks-A-Bunch to Donate 1,000 Gift Cards to Military Families

Remember when Oprah asked Tom Brokaw how people can support military families and I said that I loved the simplicity of his answer? Recently, I discovered an organization which clearly understands that a simple gesture can leave a huge footprint. Thanks-A-Bunch is doing fantastic things for the military community by offering people who want to do something to convey their appreciation but don't know what to do, or how to do it, a unique opportunity to say thanks.

We believe America's Heroes need to hear from us in a real and personal way so they know just how much we appreciate them. We're accomplishing our mission through the Thanks-A-Bunch™ program that encourages everyday citizens to express their gratitude through a simple gesture of offering to help buy America's Heroes lunch or dinner.

We understand that sometimes time schedules don't always allow us to simply sit down with one of America's Heroes and have lunch together. To make it easy we created the Thanks-A-Bunch™ (TAB) card you can present to an America's Hero whenever or where-ever you may come into contact together. The TAB card can be used anytime at over 18,000 participating restaurants across the country and has a total value of $50.00.  This makes  the card easy for you to give and convenient for America's Heroes to use.

What a fabulous idea!

Donors can opt to have the gift card sent to them so they can present it in person, or they allow Thanks-A-Bunch to donate the cards. And speaking of donating cards, SpouseBUZZ would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the donors and Thanks-A-Bunch for generously donating 1,000 gift cards to attendees of upcoming SpouseBUZZ LIVE events. We can't wait to distribute the cards to military spouses at our upcoming events and we are humbled to have the opportunity to do so. As these testimonials clearly show, organizations like Thanks-A-Bunch are appreciated more than words can adequately express.

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