Sleeping on the Sofa


Once again with the "I can't possibly be the only person" series here at SpouseBUZZ:  Sleeping on the sofa.  Or in a recliner.  Or pretty much anywhere besides in my bed.  There are several reasons why this happens.

First, I don't like going to an empty bed.  However, I know that I sleep better in my own bed and so I try very hard to put myself in bed.  I try to make my bed comfortable and appealing, and have some good books nearby.  I'm convinced that my TDY insomnia isn't so much not being able to sleep as not being able to go to bed.

Second, what is it about being alone that makes all sorts of odd sounds happen near your house?  We live in a pretty busy area, so there are often strange sounds, but I swear they are louder and stranger when I am alone.  And from my upstairs bedroom, it is hard to tell if they are out on the main road, or if they are just near (or in!) my house.  From the sofa, I am in control.  I can hear more, and I am between the front door and my kids.

Third, there is something oddly comforting about not sleeping too well when you are alone.  When I sleep in my bed, I am knocked out and it would take a bomb to wake me.  When I sleep on the sofa, one ear is always listening.  Plus, I usually fail to bring the right blankets so I am constantly adjusting.

We've written about this before, and we'll probably write about it again.  Sleep and separation:  not a good mix.

photo by stefg74

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