Rockin' New Video Channel for Military Spouses: Should Spouse Clubs be Segregated by Rank?


Military.com, our big daddy, has just rolled out their new and improved video channel and it hosts some great content. Of particular interest to me is the Spouse and Family Video Channel. There you'll find videos featuring content which appeals specifically to military spouses. For instance, you can see Sinbad's hilarious performance at SpouseBUZZ LIVE Tacoma. Or, as he told us, listen to his advice for military spouses. You can also see our chat with Brian McNamara (General Holden from Army Wives).

While I was rummaging through the videos, I came across this interesting video from CinCHouse, our sister site, and thought I'd toss a question out here. Should Spouse Clubs be segregated into Officer and Enlisted clubs, or should they simply be Spouse Clubs? Watch the video and tell us what you think.

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